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RhizoVital P45

RhizoVital P45 is a microbial biostimulant containing spores of the naturally occurring soil bacteria Bacillus velezensis strain FZB 45. RhizoVital P45 stimulates root growth and mobilizes nutrients in the soil. RhizoVital P45 supports the availability of plant nutrients which leads to an increased in yield. Tolerance towards abiotic stress caused by unfavorable climatic conditions and field management …

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rhizovital c5

RhizoVital C5

RhizoVital C5 to biostymulator mikrobiologiczny zawierający zarodniki naturalnie występujących bakterii glebowych  Bacillus atrophaeus.  RhizoVital C5 stymuluje wzrost korzeni i mobilizuje składniki odżywcze w glebie. RhizoVital C5 wspomaga dostępność składników pokarmowych roślin, co prowadzi do zwiększenia plonów. Można poprawić tolerancję na stres abiotyczny spowodowany niekorzystnymi warunkami klimatycznymi i gospodarką polową. Użyj RhizoVital C5 jako integralnej części …

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Monitoring systemsMass trapping. aPhinity EABjpg

aPhinity EAB

Lures and traps for the monitoring or mass trapping of insect pests.

Rodent control standby1

standby – the vole fence

The standby fence is a sophisticated system, which includes natural vole predators in order to avoid vole (re-)immigration. Fields of application Voles have an enormous reproductive potential. As soon as the pups reach maturity, they are chased from the burrow by their parents. Recently vole-free areas will continuously be repopulated by the juvenile offspring. The …

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Rodent control Topcat

topcat – the vole trap

The internationally patented topcat-trap is a very efficient high quality trap which catches voles from both tunnel directions. Fields of application Topcat helps to inhibit the enormous population dynamics of voles and avoids economic damage in agriculture, horticulture, forage production and landscape management. The topcat-trap is a well-established vole trap with high efficiency due to …

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Bio Insecticides Abietiv1 1


Abietiv is a nucleopolyhedrovirus (Neodiprion abietis NPV) preparation for the biological control of the balsam fir sawfly (Neodiprion abietis) Benefits Pest Information The Balsam fir sawfly (Neodiprion abietis) is a native sawfly species that occurs throughout Canada and the United States. Its larvae are a significant defoliating pest of pre-commercially thinned balsam fir (Abies balsamea). Damage caused to the …

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Bio Insecticides Lymantria dispar MNPV1

Lymantria dispar MNPV

Lymantria dispar MNPV is a biological alternative and offers highly effective control of gypsy moth. Benefits Lymantria dispar MNPV is a multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (MNPV) preparation for the biological control larvae of the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar). Control efforts with Lymantria dispar MNPV are necessary in order to manage the gypsy moth and to protect natural resources …

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V12 Biostimulant range

The V12 Biostimulant range is based on the 12 essential components of plant vitality, ie. the engine that drives plant growth. The range consists of six different products, each with a unique blend of nutrients: V12 Foliars (V12 Multi and V12 Micro) provide balanced nutritional support, stimulate growth, fight stress and combat deficiencies. V12 Stage …

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Lures and traps for the monitoring or mass trapping of insect pests.

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