topsnap – the clever mousetrap

The mouse trap topsnap is very user friendly and efficient in the control of mice in indoor areas thanks to its sophisticated mechanism. The robust and durable trap is suited for long-term use as it is made of high quality stainless steel and solid plastic.

Fields of application

It is important to control mice infestation at an early stage in order to avoid reproduction of mice as well as damage and contamination. The two-sided trapping system topsnap is suited for long-term use in the following indoor areas:

  • Stockrooms for food and fodder
  • Greenhouses and grow tunnels
  • Vegetable and fruit storage areas
  • Food processing units
  • House and farm
  • All mice-infested areas in buildings


  • High quality product made of stainless steel and solid plastic
  • Innovative trapping system against house mice (Mus musculus), common vole (Microtus arvalis) and other small mice in indoor areas
  • Easy, fast and secure activation of the trap on the outside in one single movement
  • Outside position indicators displaying trap activity
  • Contact-free removal of catch
  • Safe for users, infants and domestic animals

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