Bees summer treatment

381V Fam Dispenser auflegen HAUPTBILD


Easy to use, easy to adjust and ideal for hives with limited headspace. Application Remove honey frames with honey for human consumption and leave the bees with enough food for the duration of the treatment. Preparation of the device: Remove the lid, add the formic acid to the sponge cloth and close the lid. Once …

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591V Liebig Dispenser HAUPTBILD


Easy to fill and assemble, easy to check progress of evaporation with marks on the bottle. Low profile allows use under an empty feeder. Application Fill bottle up to the recommended mark on the bottle. Add dropper and close securely. Keep bottle at ambient temperature. Once at the apiary, adjust the paper wick in function …

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984V Thymovar auflegen miniplus HAUPTBILD

THYMOVAR® Strips with 15 g thymol

Well tolerated by bees and queens and easy to apply long-term protection. THYMOVAR® is best used directly after the honey harvest. It is a well-tolerated reliable treatment and also recommended after short treatments with organic acids for long lasting protection against re-infestation.Easy and safe to use also for swarms and nuclei in small hives. Application Remove …

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908V Schutzmaske HAUPTBILD

Breathing mask

The breathing mask type FFP3 protects from spraying mist when using OXUVAR 5.7% in spraying application.

2882V Varroa EasyCheck HAUPTBILD

Varroa EasyCheck

Get exact values of the actual varroa infestation of your bees and determine the best treatment for your bees. Application Measure bees to the moulded mark (approx. 300 bees). Add cleaner or powdered sugar to the cup. Shake for one minute to make the varroa dislodge from the bees. Remove bees. When using powdered sugar …

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